Actor, Prince David Osei reveals a friend tried to poison him

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If not for the intervention of God, through a waiter, experiencing 2018 would have been but just a dream. He went out on a hangout with friends last December and one of them had the intention of killing him by poisoning his drink.

Prince David Osei said in an interview with Lexis Bill on Joy Fm
"I was trying to hang out with some folks and I felt I was cool with them because I felt we were friends and we were hanging. Unknowingly, someone had the intention of poisoning my drink and I didn't see it. It was the waiter who saw it and called me out ", He said .

So when he called me , I didn't really get it...he told me 'be careful don't drink anything on the table' and  I was like why? Then he said he can't tell me but later revealed that somebody had put something in my drink.

He added that he doesn't know who the person is because the waiter refused to identify the person, but he warned the public to be careful of the friends they keep and stop feeling jealous about others.
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