Movie Premiere: Hattez TV Series

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Hatterz Tv series is a much-publicized Youth, comic and edutainment TV series filled with Moral lessons about the youth as a whole and a lot more and This is the handiwork of Ghana’s youngest but oriented production houses Bliss Empire and Macford production.
Hatterz Series is centralized on five (5) main people, each character talks about an act and value, Hatterz Tv Series talks about poverty, womanizing, peer pressure, and hygiene in the society with their cause, effect and how it can be resolved as it also contains comic act and many more.

The Series features Spyer, Humble Lion, Cobra, Exhibit, Armpit who are also
The main characters of the series.

Meet Spyer: He is a stubborn reckless and persuasive person who doesn’t work but makes money through cunning ways and also influences his peers.

Meet Humble Lion: He is respectful, obedient and humble. He is also under the influence of Spyer and as a result turned somehow bad.

Meet Cobra: He is from a rich and lovely home,gets whatever he wants because he is being pampered by Parent.

Meet Exihibit: He is a womanizer who doesn't respect women, going out with about 5 girls or
More and above all takes their money.

Meet Armpit: He mostly talks about hygiene buh he is not neat at all... bath like 2days in a week... and his presence is felt everywhere... because of his bad odor.

Dubbed as the Pre-Easter movie “Hatterz Series” is set to be premiered at the Silverbird Cinemas (Accra Mall) on the 16th of March, 2018.

The premiere is set to host industry players, celebrities, corporate bodies, Tertiary Students and many more.

Hatterz series was produced by Zeal Nahna-kweku Bliss , directed by Macfee Nana Agyemang and powered by Youth Web Company Limited and Silver I and proudly supported by the Organizers of Ghana Tertiary Awards.
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